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Before anything, I'd just like to let people know that me and Tamawolf have made an account :iconmegako: where we will be posting our collabs. So if you've liked out collabs, I suggest you watch this account for the future ones!

So I figured, i feel like my watchers should know more about me. I'm very vague when it comes to short comments or explanations about meself so i just figured I should write about myself:

1. Real name?
- Heh... i guess that's one thing i wont give out! Sowwy! Although one thing i can say is that Cat has to do with my name. ALL I WILL SAY

2. Age?
- Hmmm.... I guess I can say. I'm thirteen going on fourteen on May 22. Yay right? That would mean I'm in.... 8th grade. And if you try to take advantage of me cause of my age, well you wont get anything you want from me! Muahahaha!

3. Favorite stuff?
- I like pasta and sushi and ice-cream and good books and stories and writing and drawing and anime and games and lots of good stuff. My super favorites though are oriental and European foods (cause they are so interesting and delicious) and lots of deserts and ice-creams. As long as they arent too sweet though. I like sweetness but not too much.  My favorite tastes are spicy, sweet and salty. My favorite lolipop is Lulo (i think it's wild apple in english. Idk) and a weird combination i like is fries with milkshake. It is really good.

4. Stuff you dont like?
- I dun really like hot dogs, strawberries, most candies (lots taste too artificial or are too sweet), dry bread (i hate the dry feeling in my mouth ;A; ), eggs (the taste is idk...), and other stuffs but this is what i mainly dont like.

5. Favorite color? Least favorite?
- I LIEK BLUE. Blue is my favorite color! It is really calming and magical. Reminds me of the sky and crystals and the deep ocean blue and a starry night. It is a really awesome color. I also like green since it goes with blue really well and can make a aquamarineish turquoise blue. Real nice. I also like black since it goes with ANYTHING. My least favorite color is pink. It so.... idk.... i just dont really like it.

6. Where do you live?
- Somewhere over the rainbow! JK. I move around a lot. I used to live in Colombia, Angola, Washington D.C, and El Salvador. I'm not gonna say where I live now.... actually, I seriously dun care. I live in Bolivia. It not my fave place though since just going upstairs is tiring and my house is a 3 story house so it super tiring to go to my room.

7. Any pets?
-.... no.... ;A;

8. Favorite classes?
- I dont really like any class in my school. They are too... blah. My favorite subjects though are Art, Social Studies, Science, and English but my english class here is too boring. Another subject I find super awesome is Foreign Languages. Except spanish. It too boring too. There are too many tildes. I dun like them ;A; and it weird since technically Spanish is my first language. I'm way better at english though and speak english more.

9. Favorite animal?
- I like tigers and wolves and doggehs. They are all super cute.

10. What and where do you want to study?
- I would love to study in UCLA since I plan to live in Los Angeles. In my opinion it is a great place to live it. I wouldn't mind Berkeley too. Another option would be SCAD but i dont think im very fond of the idea of living in the South. Never really like it there. I wouldnt mind SCAD in HK but i dont think i want to learn Cantonese since I just want to learn Mandarin.
I want to Major in animation since it is a really awesome thing to do. For minor I guess foreign languages would be good or some literature too. I'd like to learn foreign literature also. I love foreign stuff.

11. Anything in your bucket list?
- Hah, yea! I would like to own a standard motorcycle and a sportsbike motorcycle (and know how to ride them!), I want to learn how to surf. Travel to a lot of places. I would love to learn at least 5 languages, have my own manga, and many more things. Many of these are really ambitious though....

i think that's all but if there is anything else you'd like to know about, feel free to ask! Ill put it up in this journal.
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Misaki Uzumaki
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello! Pleased to meet you! Call me Misa or Neko or Cat or Sen or whatever, im not your mom. I specialize in the field of digitally and traditionally drawn anime/manga. I hope we become GREAT friends. DONT BE AFRAID TO TALK TO ME. I would LOVE to get to chat and meet with you. I dont bite.
So, now i shall let you enjoy looking around the magical land of Deviantlantis.
(profile pic wasnt made by me)

YouTube: misakitsukihana
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Pixiv: misaki-uzumaki

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Fox-under-the-stars Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
I remember you telling me that you played Slenderman once, I thought I'd show you this vid, this guys vids crack me up, especially with his silly crossovers :XD:…
SolarSnivy Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
a llama for your llama. because you can never have too many llamas! right?
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XD haha that's right! You can never have too many llamas!
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Pre happy birthday Misako ~ :iconkawaiipandaplz:
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Yay~! Thanks~ I appreciate that!
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Arigatou for the llama :D
By the way, I love ramen and sushi and ice cream and books and stories and writing and drawing and anime and games too. cx
Swift-Feather Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am thinking about changing my name. I'd like to know from you personally what you would think if I changed my name to HazelNut500. If you have any better suggestions, please suggest them.
misayuu Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Student General Artist
hmmm... well when I changed my username, the reason was cause i wanted a more professional sounding one. Misaki-uzumaki was awesome but i wanted something people would remember.
I think I would recommend something without numbers or something that is meaningful to you or an inside joke or something (maybe hazel nut means something to you which means that it is a perfectly good name)
Remember that you can change your name again after 6 months so think it thoroughly. Another tip is that you know how there is always right? Well, replace the username that there is now and change it to see what you want to change it.
You dont have to follow what I said though! Just some tips from my part! Both usernames are awesome!
The best way to come up with a username you would be sure to love forever is a username that means something to you, like misayuu is a username i came up using my character's name (i really love my character and she has a really important meaning to me) and yuu... well i have lots of interpretations about it.
Sorry for all the text ;A; Im fine with whichever username you choose! HazelNut500 is a great choice.
Swift-Feather Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for providing me with some good advice.
I always put 500 into my usernames because it prevents a duplicate name. Despite that, I may change it to NuttyHazel. I don't think there is anyone named NuttyHazel. Or maybe Rainbow-River would be more suiting, and easier to get into. NuttyHazel only means something to me because I think the word Hazel is pretty, I think it's color is pretty, and I just love it. Despite that, not many people know I like hazelnuts. With Rainbow-River, it has Rainbow in it, one of my classic words in any username, and River, which is my favorite body of water. Read a bit on my profile and you should see that I grew up near the Rio Grande, which gave me a love for water.
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